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Cutting Up UDPP (Old Bottle Version)

Posted on: February 18, 2012

Urban Decay Primer Potion is one of  my ten in Products I’m Using Up, so I thought I’d empty out what the wand can’t reach so I can actually finish it and cross it off the list. For anyone that is interested in how I did that keep reading.

You will need:
♥ UDPP (Old Version)
♥ Strong Scissors
♥ Kitchen Knife
♥ Empty Pot

Use your scissors to make dents where you need to get to the product. It makes it easier when using the knife. My scissors have little teeth in them, they’re really hardcore.

Use your kitchen knife on a hard wearing surface (not a keyboard) and saw through where the dents are. Be careful!

Then you’re left with this:

Loads of left over product and there’s more in the bottom! It can get kind of messy.

Clean out your empty pot with a drop of alcohol to get rid of any germs.

I used the wand to scrape out the product out from the tube and into the pot but you could use a spatular if you prefer. As you can see there is just a little too much to fit in the pot. This is definitely worth the effort to get your moneys worth.


4 Responses to "Cutting Up UDPP (Old Bottle Version)"

Such a good idea i have like 3upstairs that probably i could fill up a whole new one!

Haha yeah so much product get’s trapped in those bottles! x

Thank you for this tip, I just hate wasting product…

Not a problem 🙂 I hate wasting product too! I always cut open my shower gels and things like that to scrape out the remains x

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